For the past weeks, I’ve survived on junk food, carbohydrates, and deep-fried everything. My arteries are cracking from all the saturated fat and my ticker could end up being worse than my left temporal lobe if I keep this up.

It also has strange effects: I started arguing with my father over the US Presidential candidates when I’m normally apathetic about the whole thing.

Me: (holds up a newspaper) Barack Obama looks so cute here. *squints*
Dad: *snorts* He’s going to lose to Hillary.
Me: You only like Hillary because she’s a girl. 😛

And that summarizes my political loyalties.

My mother says that raising Sofia reminds her so much of me. I was nearly insulted. There is no way that I could be as diabolical and wicked as this two-year-old baby when I was younger. Poor Jiko… between me and Sofi, he doesn’t stand a chance. It’s funny that in this family, the nicest child just happens to be the unico hijo and the girls are born evil.


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