This week was one headache after another. I won’t even bother to go into specifics; let’s just say that I did some serious work-related kapalpakan and I need to redeem myself soon. *sigh*

I was just talking to Vinz about job prospects, our five-year plans, why 20-somethings are commitment-phobic, and why Riyadh sucks when you’re young. And, d00ds, LFG! I’m suddenly reminded of my Sandman-reading days. (I was dead-bored in Pangasinan and turned to Neil Gaiman for entertainment.)

I’ve already met The-One-I-Want. I even used my checklist. (Bo Sanchez, ikaw ba yan?!) He’s not a friend or anyone close to me but I’m just completely crazy for this person. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything yet because I have a million things to do and a few years to go before I can say “I really like you”, as I would just ruin all of my impending good fortune if I try to hurry and push my luck. The best I could do was SuperGlue a sign on his back that says “Property of Steffi for the next 5 years” while he wasn’t looking and crossed my fingers.

I can’t wait for May. I can’t wait to see Mama Oda in London. Burberry + Marks & Spencer + Topshop. With Paris just a train ride away! I might even run into Daniel Radcliffe, and then he’ll be struck by the realization that “I must marry Steffi. Like, NOW.” and drag me to church. Yes, he’s 17, but I look young anyway. 😀 I can’t wait to start living there permanently. Shoot me if I’m still here in RUH by Feb 2008.

Totally off-topic (is there one?) but I just love my outfit today. And the hair. 😀 I dress up for myself because I already have a sense of how horrible my day is going to be at 7am. The least I could do is look fantastic and break the dress code while I make one mistake after another.

And before I end this, let me just congratulate one of the loveliest girls on earth: ALET TUPA. Goddamn you lucky bitch. Congratulations! *glomps* I’m so happy for you. You’re so meant to go to Singapore and earn tons of money while working for a fantastic company like Barclay’s. Maybe you’ll finally find the cute guys that you always said were lacking in Manila. Just let me sleep in your apartment so I don’t have to pay for the hotel. And buy me advance Phantom of the Opera tickets!!! *mmmwah*


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