The Gods are Bloggistas

I knew it. The Gods are blogging. I suppose They like to keep up with the times. And what more, They share a blog.

Blog of the Gods. The Ultimate Blog of All Blogs.

It must be great to be able to share Their thoughts and opinions to Their minions without having to resort to vague ways like coming in a dream after 40 days of fasting in a cave. Or something like that. Blogging is so much more convenient.

There are five of Them: God (of the Old Testament), Allah, Quetzalcoatl, Zeus, and FlyingSpaghettiMonster. Don’t forget to read the Bios.

Personally, I’m seriously thinking of applying for the Grand Poobah position in the Ancient Greek religion. That would probably please Zeus and I might even get a big jeweled headdress and free plane rides to Athens during ceremonial dates. But as I am an official Catholic who just happens to live in Allah’s land, I really don’t want to offend my God. But then, that didn’t stop me from signing up as a Reverend over the Internet in one religion I don’t remember five years ago.


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