Papercut Joy

The current bane of my life is a painfully annoying papercut. It destroys my concentration and takes days to heal. Yes, my trials and tribulations are *so* amazing. (lol)

And while I’m talking about hands, I just cannot understand how a lot of women can stand to have long nails! They’re not attractive at all. The moment mine grow longer than 2 mm, I get fidgety and daydream about sharp nailcutters. I’m not above clipping my nails in public if it means that I’ll get some peace of mind afterwards. Haha.

I have a dinner date with around 15 women later. Chinese food at Zee Noodle. Yum! Can’t wait. 😀

Dad’s spag-hair-straightening worked. Kind of. My hair looks straighter, although I still smell like a chemist’s lab.

Dr. Hani has to take this monstrous tray of chocolates away from my area. He placed it here for everyone to enjoy after his wife gave birth to their first baby (she’s really cute, by the way). They’re really good, but lethal for my diet.

Jovett just left for a one-week vacation to Morocco–courtesy of Halees. I’m so envious. When will someone fund my international trip (just for kicks)? 😛 🙂


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