Walking on Air

I had a nice, quiet weekend; the best I had in ages. Maybe I’ll start feeling sad again after a few months, but let me live inside my happy bubble for now.


I went to Tita Chie’s house last Thursday at 4pm sharp because there was an event scheduled and Tita personally called me to attend. But when I arrived, I was surprised to find just Tita Chie and Tita Erlyn in the kitchen.

Me: Where’s everyone else?
Tita Chie: OMG! It was canceled and I forgot to tell you!
Tita Erlyn: Hahaha… Here, have some Cinnabon.

I spent the whole afternoon and evening bonding with Rachelle and her sons instead. I watched Pokemon (Pika!) and Cars with Tophi & Tobey. I later fell asleep on the couch and woke up to find other guests staring at me. Hehe. At least I wasn’t alone–Charlene was sleeping, too!


I needed a follow-up for my rebond since it’s been almost nine months since my last hair-straightening session. I don’t even know if I’ll be going to the Philippines this May, and I couldn’t really wait for the next trip. So I took Rachelle’s advice and used Wellastrate (strong) on the newly-grown parts of my hair. Dad took the role of hairdresser and did it for me.

Dad: Dapat nag-cosmetology na lang ako. *grumbles*
Me: That’s the price of having a daughter. May isa ka pang maliit. Hahaha!

My hair’s still wet so I don’t know yet if this worked or not.

2 thoughts on “Walking on Air

  1. What happened, did the Wellastrate work for you? I have ordered it and am going to use it on my regrowth (my ends are a bit fragile from a reverse perm I had last year, but still reasonably straight)… Just hope it isn’t too damaging, though my hair has withstood quite a lot of trauma and I always get it to recover quite well with regular trims and olive/coconut oil and honey treatments. Magical.

    • Honestly, it’s better to go to a salon and have it done by a professional. Wellastrate is cheap but it dried out my hair and it didn’t really straighten it noticeably. I ended up having to go to a salon and had it “rebonded” — this procedure will make any type of hair, traumatized or not (lol), very straight, very soft and very glossy. It’s a tad expensive but it’s worth it. If your hairdresser isn’t sure what to do, go to an Asian salon, preferably Filipino or Korean.

      I also use Garnier Nutrisse hair treatment on my hair. I use it as a conditioner.

      Good luck! And thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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