Lechon/Tuyo and other such pearls of wisdom

I used to always scoff at movies where the bride leaves the groom at the altar. Why wait until the last minute?! She could have saved them all a lot of expense and embarrassment by quietly canceling a few days before and and withdrawing the invitations instead of running out of the church with her frothy wedding dress and stilettos and riding to the sunset in a motorcycle with Val Kilmer. (Oh wait, that was my dream! *lol* Reversed.)

BUT… aren’t we lucky to have that last minute (or last second) choice? There’s no excuse to go through a potentially life-changing experience for all the wrong reasons. Or just because we feel pressured. There is always time to cancel.


Okay, Britney, I understand certain radical concepts of fasyon. Sometimes, even the elaborate and ridiculous look beautiful on runways and photos. When Demi Moore shaved her head for a movie, it was something artistic and daring.

But please… think of how pretty you are and how you’re wasting it all. It’ll grow back, but think of the in-between-length horrifying period!


So James Yap did the unthinkable, and ultra-successful Kris is hurt. Why do men look around when Kris practically has it all?

It’s the Lechon/Tuyo principle. Lechon is good. It’s expensive, fantastic, and really yummy. But Lechon everyday can be tiring. Sometimes a person would like to eat tuyo and rice for a change.

*smirks* Men.


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