Elementary Baby

One of the most annoying things in the world is condescension. I’ve been working here for a while, and even if this may be the champion of all exponentially bureaucratic institutions in the universe… Believe me, I can be very meticulous.

So here I was, calmly explaining that the invoice, one of the requirements, is impossible to produce because (1) the Professor bought the stupid ticket in the airport 2 hours before his flight, and (2) he bought it with his Visa card and I doubt if he would give me his monthly statement.

I gave him the original ticket with the price printed clearly in Canadian Dollars. I pointed it out, smiled, and declared that all requirements and approvals from bigwigs are submitted so there shouldn’t be any problem to refund a simple airline ticket.

I added, “It’s embarrassing enough that an Invited Speaker bought his own ticket. This had been delayed for a month so please understand if I’m trying to rush things.”

And then he tells me in this nasally annoying voice, “But the policy says that we require the invoice.”

The wimp then proceeded to recite the goddamned policy, which he probably memorized from the manual on his first day at work, as if I was an 8-year old child and knew nothing. Talk about Checklist Mentality. These people cause all the pending, hold-ups, and delays in any kind of processing because they just don’t know how to think out of the box! If it’s not on the checklist, they panic and freeze! *fumes*


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