I’m addicted to Hobnobs. Especially when I discovered how good it is with a grande cup of Dr Cafe mocha (think oreos + milk).

I’ve loved the Cinna Sticks from Domino’s ever since I first tasted them at Ryan’s birthday picnic. I demolished the whole box.

I like all flavors of Strepsils and I think of it as candy. So these days, when I really have a sore throat, I stick to Cepacol (which tastes like a pharmacy floor) to avoid abuse.

I like Mentos and I’m known to chew through a whole pack in ten minutes. To save my teeth from rotting and lower my sugar intake, I try to avoid looking at it in supermarkets.

I love chocolate above all other food groups. But I don’t want to look like a beached whale before I’m 30, so I try to indulge only when I can’t take it anymore.

I love cookies and cakes. But ever since I learned how to bake and realized that what I make tastes better and has less trans-fat than Chips Ahoy, I don’t buy mass-produced pastries anymore.

I used to like to eat lots of rice back in college. But pasta brings me closer to Titian. (Milan, Florence, Venice, here I come.)

I used to be impulsive and reckless. But not all risks are worth the effort.


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