Rebellious Universe

When I want someone to call me and spend hours staring at the phone and willing for it to ring, it never does. But when I’m online, happily doing all my internet fun stuff, I get disconnected several times because I get calls! The Universe never conforms to my schedule. (And I still have dial-up daggumit.)

I’m giving up the fight with my body tomorrow. I’ll schedule an appointment because I think I need prescription antibiotics. My tonsils are so swollen right now I could feel them bouncing if I touch my neck. Haha. (Gross.) I spent the whole weekend doing nothing because the fever refuses to subside and only my diminishing stock of Tylenol kept me from feeling the pain in my joints. So this is what 80 feels like.

One of my friends complained lately about having LBM.
Four years ago when I was still in Ateneo, a group of us had to go an Aeta settlement in Zambales and live with them for three days. I wanted to be the perfect girl scout and went there prepared. I even brought a stock of meds. I guessed correctly that the homes we were going to live in didn’t have indoor plumbing and the nearest decent toilet was in the elementary school. I wouldn’t be caught dead with LBM, digging my own hole in the forest, so I shared my Polymagma with my groupmates. They’re chewable and they taste a bit like Flintstones vitamins. 🙂

Aside from that, I really enjoyed my stay there. I would love to go back with a friend and see my foster parents again. Maybe I could do that on my next vacation.


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