This year’s V-day is truly unforgettable. And I mean that without any mushy sentiments.

I woke up feeling cramped, complained about the cold weather, and did a few stretches before showering to make myself feel better. Later, while I was working like a pack-horse, I realized that there must be something wrong because the body pain just got worse, my throat was so sore, and the monitor started to look fuzzy.

I just had enough energy to join Ryan for lunch. He berated me for not opening myself up to new possibilities. I ordered him to look around and see if there are any cute guys. None. Haha! Besides, even he is still single (not that there’s any shortage of nice, cute girls in Riyadh). 😀

Ry tried to convince me to go home for the rest of the day but I was too stubborn and said that I had too much work to do. By 2pm, I could hardly stand and I was shivering. Jeremy touched me and said that I was burning so he lent me his jacket. Ellie gave me Tylenol and Cirrus and I went to sleep at the Chairman’s office couch for two hours (he’s at a conference).

And since I promised Rhea that I’d be at her baby’s BBQ at the cavepark, I met her at 5pm and braved the cold. Luckily, Joan lent me her jacket (I had to return Jeremy’s) and I managed to survive until dinner was over. I wouldn’t have missed it; everyone was there! It was a nice bonding session for the girls (plus some hubbies and kids) and we all had fun.

I’m still sick, and I still can’t figure out how I got this. Oh well. 😛


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