I’m working myself to death and it’s not enough. Ugh. 😛

I still have a million things to finish before Jeremy gets back and 9 work hours/day doesn’t seem to be able to cover it all.

So maybe I should stop this 2-minute petiks (rant) session to work. Right.

I won’t leave this office tonight until it’s clean and pristine with no stacks of folders and papers on the desk, trays, and floor. Good luck to me.


I’m quite sad about the transfer as I’ve really grown attached to the Residents, Fellows, and even the Program Directors. I love coordinating with the other girls from other institutions. And even if I’ll still be here working with them, it’s not the same direct contact anymore.

Still, the new assignments are quite exciting. I’m sure I’ll adjust quickly enough. I’ll just have to take my anal-retentiveness and OC-ness to another area of Neuro. 😀


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