Dear Bloggy

Dear Blog,

I hope you like yourself. Okay, so I may have overdone the PINK stuff but I’m too tired to edit anything right now. I promise to check on you tomorrow using office (high-speed) internet.



One of my girl friends once complained about her ex-boyfriend’s lack of affection. When they were still together, he was very stingy when it came to endearments and i-love-yous. At that time, I agreed with her that there must be something wrong with him. I mean, what’s wrong with saying them often!?

Now, I think I morphed into her ex. Haha. I refuse to say them (even if I want to) unless I’m close to bursting. He seems to be like-minded in that respect, because everytime I hear it, it’s super-kilig* all over again. Of course, the first time was the most unexpected, and I nearly fainted with shock then. I think we just took each other by surprise. 🙂


* Constitutes jumping around my room, screaming into my pillow, and grinning like an idiot for the next 20 minutes.


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