Confused Happiness

Have you ever experienced waking up at noon and feeling as if you’re not really awake? I dreamt that I had a wild affair with a NASCAR driver, complete with stunts and expensive car crashes.

When I opened my eyes, the first thought that popped in my head was “Shit, I forgot my meds.” Then I took a long shower to get rid of the floating sensation.

I watched Constantine during lunch. Keanu Reeves has impossibly beautiful abs and I really wish I could get away with Rachel Weisz’ white-tank-over-peeking-black-bra look. I accidentally stepped on a vcd of A Lot Like Love and broke it in three places. Oh well, I never really liked that movie anyway.

Last night, I spent some time with Ina before she left for Pinas. I asked her to bring my package for Trish and Alet as well. I hope they like it. =) Afterwards, I spent some time entertaining my friends with my attempt to play table tennis.

I got into another argument about Firewire (are there different kinds?). Later, my friend spent ages trying (unsuccessfully) to transfer music from my notebook into his iPOD. He was getting annoyed so I asked if I could help. I hit F1, browsed through the Help topics, and dragged the files to his playlist.

Men never ask for help.


When I feel awkward or embarrassed, I just don’t say anything. But I got a reply that I didn’t expect. And I don’t really know what to say. =)

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