And I skipped lunch break for this

Dr. Ghomraoui decided to start a sideline business: Finding boyfriends/husbands for single girls. And he’ll get a 30% cut from charges from prospective suitors. He even has his first client: Me.

I told him that the only criteria I have is that he must be exactly like Dr. Faisal.

Dr. G: FAISAL?!! You like Faisal??!!
Me: *blushes* Whaaat?
Dr. G: You have no standards! HAHA! I could go to Batha and find 10 men exactly like him.
Tita Vil: Of course not! He’s brilliant, and tall, and handsome…
Dr. G: Pththt. All he has is a degree! So what if he’s a Neurosurgeon? He’ll talk all about surgery and brains while you’re making love!!
Me: *dies laughing*

Dr. G: Now, Faisal is common. But men like me who are smart, experienced Professors–
Me: *coughs* Humility please.
Tita Vil: Why, do you have a girlfriend, Dr. G?
Dr. G: Women don’t seem to be very interested.
Tita Vil: Then lose weight!
Ellie: *snorts* Wow, that was very subtle. *lol*

Dr. G: Haha. You’re bad, Ellie.
Ellie: Please. Now stop looking down my shirt.

I never get bored here.

Speaking of Dr. Faisal, he left for Canada last weekend. On his last day here, I almost gave him my email, cellphone number, housephone, complete contact details, and a diamond ring but I had a sudden and rare attack of shyness. So I just cleared my throat, smiled, and said “I’ll see you”.


I hope he never reads this blog. Haha.


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