I’ve been lazy with updating lately. It’s been an extremely busy two weeks and I’ve been spending a lot of time after work with my friends.

Also, I want a new blog layout. =P A really nice one inspires creativity, hehe.

Yesterday was my consultation with my sometimes-Neurologist-sometimes-boss and he said everything looked well: my Tegretol levels and even my hemoglobin and red blood cell count looked fantastic. This is the first time in more than 10 years that I was not pronounced (severely) anemic after a lab test. Maybe it’s because I stopped dieting ages ago.

I brought James (notebook extraordinaire) to work because a friend of mine wanted to transfer my music files into his hard drive using Firewire. We met for lunch, but when he checked my notebook, he exclaimed: “You have no Firewire port!”

I insisted that there had to be one because all late-model laptops had one, only I wasn’t sure where mine was exactly because I never used it. He checked James all over and made fun of my technical knowledge. (o_0) When I returned to my desk after lunch, I checked my notebook and there it was! The IEEE 1394 port, right beside the 2 USB ports at the right side. HAH! I called him right away, and after a few minutes of arguing, we decided to meet again this Wednesday just to settle the matter. (Hmph! Bulag.)

One funny thing about being a Riyadh-baby is that you know practically everyone and vice versa. I saw several Titas at the Dining earlier, and, judging from a few curious looks, I know that I’ll have some explaining to do about my “lunch date”. lol


2 thoughts on “Firewire!

  1. this is one incident where you should have called me.. tsk tsk..
    i could have told you where it was.

    oh yah.. you didn’t know.. i now have a new phone! LOL z610i fresh from dubai lol :p

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