Everytime I try to get my point across by being honest and direct, I get the opposite of what I expect. I said I preferred doing that so I wouldn’t be unpleasantly surprised.

Maybe I shouldn’t try too hard. 🙂


Yesterday, I hung out with Rhea I, Rhea II, Janelle, Joan, Jovett, and other girls (plus husbands and kids/babies). We binged on McDonalds and played table tennis. Or, rather, they played and I made a fool of myself. Haha… But we had fun. Can’t wait to join them again next week.

Jovett told me something I couldn’t forget: in any situation, I should bail out while I’m still ahead before I fall too hard later and end up losing.

Isn’t it frustrating when you know the sensible thing to do, and you do want to follow your friends’ good advices, but you can’t find enough determination to do so. 😛

Sometimes I think it’s better to be in denial. Then one can use the “I’m innocent” (ignorant) excuse.


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