Perla Model

I forced Ina to go shopping with Dad and me, after which I convinced her to spend money on “investment clothing”. By the time we left Le Mall, Ina was wracked with guilt and asked me if we spent way too much but I assured her that everything we bought were on sale and they were worth it. And I finally got the huge bag that I’ve always wanted from Terranova so I can bring everything necessary (i.e. kikay kit, oreos, hair clay, extra sandals, starbucks tumbler) with me all the time.

We haven’t reached Becky Bloomwood’s level. Yet.

Last night, I waited for a phone call that never came because the supposed-to-be-caller fell asleep. 😀 *pokes* So I just went online to check my mail and ended up chatting for two hours with Baby Richst! Wow baby, you’re so smart talaga. Two months pa lang and you’re so galing na mag-type! *dies*

Hahaha! ANYWAY, Kuya Rich turned out to be quite the character. Very entertaining and funny–much like his dear cousin-in-law, Insy Winsy.

realpinoycute: sira matulog ka na tumubo pa pangil mo diyan makagat ka. lol
me: hahaha!
realpinoycute: i love that line from my lola.
me: opo. saka baka ma-stunt ang growth ko. after all, baby pa ako at growing pa!
realpinoycute: yeah!!
me: (sana hindi horizontally) hahaha!
realpinoycute: puwede mo naman pabunot.
me: nopes. yoko nga. i have perfect teeth. well… almost. 😀
realpinoycute: oo nga!! puwede ka ng maging perla model. hindi ba toohpaste yun?

me: hindi! sabong panglaba!


During lunch with Rhea, I admitted that I’m disappointed with myself lately. I can’t seem to find enough determination to finish everything I need to do. She sighed and said it was bad. Very bad. 😛

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