That uneasy feeling

I am addicted to my hand lotion. I picked up Johnson’s Body Cream with shea butter the other night so I won’t have “old-looking hands” at work–caused by the eternal Riyadh dryness and office air conditioning. It smells really nice, doesn’t feel oily, and using it reminds me of Baby Sofi’s skin. 🙂

[No, this is not a paid ad and J&J doesn’t pay me for plugging anything. :-P]


Now, let’s talk about cheating. People say that if someone cheats for you, he/she will most definitely cheat on you. Maybe that’s true, but I’m sure there are a few exceptions.

There are countless articles that give a list of signs that your partner may be cheating on you. There’s even a whole book written about it. But I think most of us have to rely on common sense when dealing with these situations.

What usually makes one suspicious? He no longer calls as much, he doesn’t express the need to see you as often, conversations are perfunctory and short, he’s less sweet or caring, he’s forever “busy” with “work” when he was never that busy before, you feel that the communication lines aren’t as open as they were in the past…

The list is endless. There could be a few major factors and a hundred minor signs that could give a girl that uneasy thought that there must be someone else.

Once could read the best self-help books and a dozen cosmo articles. But I think the best way is to rely on one’s intuition. If you feel that there’s someone else, then most likely, there is someone else. No matter how used they are with playing around, men aren’t really that good with hiding their deep, dark secrets.

This is giving me a headache. I need another box of Hobnobs and a grande mocha drink.


I read somewhere that women have the tendency to cheat more than men because of the endorphin rush it causes. Hmmm… maybe. But I’m sure we’d be better at hiding it.


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