Yesterday, when the workshop was almost over, I saw a nurse who seemed familiar so I said hello. She sat beside me and the conversation turned to the gala dinner that night. Earlier, I had been handing out invitations to everyone I saw since the 150-person dinner at the Holiday Inn was already paid for and we had fewer attendees than we thought. We both mentioned that we were too lazy to go but we overheard a group of girls from another insitution who would have liked to attend but they didn’t have transpo available.

The other nurse, Tita Rose, and I offered to pick them up. We didn’t know anyone from their group, hehe, but it seemed like a nice thing to do. So I called Dad, told him that he has to accompany me to the gala dinner, and that we would be going with six other girls.

It was fun! I made a lot of new friends and the food was really good. Next time we have something like this, I won’t skip the hotel dinners anymore. (I’ve avoided going to the Intercon for the KFHI Journal Clubs every other week for 2 years just because I was too lazy.)

I also saw a number of unexpected guests: Elaine & Jovett! Apparently, when I gave one of the orthotists a pile of invitations, he distributed them to his whole department and Tess happened to belong there. So she invited the two other girls and their families. 🙂

As for today… I woke up to an unexpected phone call, had an indescribable morning, slept the whole afternoon off and woke up with a Sandra Bullock movie script in my head.



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