Effing Riyadh

I don’t want to give a detailed description of the laws and restrictions in this weird place. Let’s just say that I have a useless piece of sh#t (aka Dependent Visa) and have about as much rights as a cotton-picking slave in the 1700s.

Given the other general rules, there’s the fact that I’m required to live with my parents, I can’t drive, can’t go out in public without wearing that black identity-crusher-shroud, can’t go out in public without a proper chaperone (parents or trusted family friends), can’t go anywhere without permission, can’t do anything with my friends without approval, etc… there’s really very little left for me to do.

Me: I’m having dinner with (insert name of male friend here) at Faisal, my workplace, with a lot of people watching, just for 2 hours.
The Authority: No.
Me: I asked permission, you’re going to pick me up like you wanted, you’re going to see us, he’s not an axe murderer, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Oh, and I’m 23 years old.
The Authority: If you insist, I’m going to send you home.

Me: My girl friends and I are going to have a picnic at the company park after work. It’s ___’s birthday.
The Authority: Who’s your date?
Me: (Temper, Steff, temper.) No one.

[after the picnic]

The Authority: Where did you hide your date?

The Authority: Why are you dressed well? Do you have a date?
Me: No. I’m working and these are office clothes.
The Authority: If you’re going with someone-
Me: I am NOT! Stop it. I am not.

Me: I’m sleeping over at Ina’s house.
The Authority: Are you really going to be with Ina?
Me: *turns purple* You can call her every hour to check if you want.

See??!! It sucks all the fun out of the little things that I can do! I can handle jokes, but I can’t take the everyday dignity-bashing. Once, I was attending ES (we were praying) so I turned my phone down to silent mode because that was the appropriate thing to do. After an hour, there were15 missed calls from The Authority. When I called, everything blew up and I was ordered to go home at once because not-answering-the-cellphone equated to doing something inappropriate.

I know I’m not perfect. Hell, I can be a really difficult person to live with and I made around three phenomenal boo-boos. But I’m only human. And considering all the sacrifices that I go through for them, after giving up whatever life I had just to be here and help for the past three years, I think I deserve an occasional break.

F*#k! This isn’t worth it. I’ll trade all the money in the world for just a little freedom. Don’t be shocked if I suddenly decide to hitchhike all the way to Europe with just a cup of coffee and a comb.


One thought on “Effing Riyadh

  1. wooshit..know what you mean..hang in there 🙂

    oh..and when you do go to europe..call me. meet you in germany 🙂 oktoberfest…wahhhhhhhh…

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