Evian Girl

Dad and I had to meet Tita Nida at the airport, and as soon as we got there, my medicine alarm sounded. I approached the airport cafe and asked for water.

  • Cafe guy: 5 riyals please.
  • Me: 5 riyals just for water!? !
  • Cafe guy: But this is Evian. It’s made in France!
  • Me: But I don’t need Evian to drink my meds! Do you have regular bottled water?
  • Cafe guy: Yes. But… is it all right for you?
  • Me: Of course! *lol*

I couldn’t resist asking Dad: “Do I look like an Evian girl?”



I’m in Dr Cafe again, taking advantage of the free wi-fi. Only this time, Ina’s with me. She brought a lot of chocolates and cookies with her so we could gain weight while surfing. Hehe. But she brought me Lindt & Sprungli chocolates (Christmas Wishlist item #5) and that just about made my evening.

Vinz, Mr. Nesma Bigshot, is trying to convince me to get DSL from Nesma with their new discounted rates, but my little Scroogey heart refuses to give in. Maybe I should offer up an animal sacrifice in the middle of a sandstorm and pray for one of my neighbors to get wireless highspeed so I can take advantage of free wifi everyday. Wahahaha!

(I checked the Urban Etiquette Handbook and they said it’s all right. ;-D)

Speaking of Vinz:

Vinz: Describe your work title in one brief sentence.
Me: I’m a rare combination of effective office decoration and functional robot.
Vinz: Ako ako ako!
Me: Hehe, sige.
Vinz: I’m a Professional Shopper!
Me: Haha! Oo nga noh! *thinks* I’m a Professional Crush ng Bayan.
Me: Nakakamatay. 🙂


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