Viva Triviality

I’ve been surviving on black coffee, books, and computer radiation for the past three days. At present, I’m sitting in a coffeeshop with my notebook James while taking advantage of the free wireless internet. I could stay here forever (or until my battery runs out because I can’t see a socket anywhere).

  1. Black Coffee – I’m immune to the shakes. I no longer quiver uncontrollably even with large doses of caffeine in me. This is all Ellie’s fault. Hehe.
  2. Books – Currently in the middle of His Dark Materials book II. I find it easier to read Philip Pullman in the wee hours of the morning. There are less distractions and I can deal with his pacing (this is where the coffee comes in). The story’s fine so far, but I’m not attached to Lyra, and that’s odd because she’s the lead character. I find her annoying at times. I like Will Parry and Serafina much more.
  3. Computer radiation – Let’s just say that if James was a real guy, he would have broken up with me by now from overexposure. Haha!

I still have to clean up the room and find the ahas that’s been lurking there for centuries. I’ve only managed to excuse myself from baking stuff by putting everyone in the house (me + dad + fishies) on a forced diet.

This post is pointless. I merely wanted to write something while trying to access my work computer, which is only physically three floors away but I’m a lazy bum. Oh, and I forgot my office key. 🙂 I should’ve gone to work yesterday (and did endless petiks) but they forced me to stay home–probably because I insist on showing up in jeans and QQ might see me. Dress code?! It’s Eid for &^*%$ sake!

By the way, organizing a large music library is a pain in the neck. Normally, I’d just leave it alone as it is (a mess) but Jeremy wants to share files and seeing how admirably OC-organized his folders are, I can’t possibly give him access to my files without cleaning up a bit. And I have a looot.

Anyway, I’m going to ignore that site for now because I can’t log on there while using this network. I like it for the css fun, the testimonials, pictures of friends, and all the light fun stuff but internet-parinig is beyond me. Ang jologs!!! *dies* My extension number’s 32827. Call me.

I’m not yet worried about my salvation. The moment I start buying Cueshe albums and collecting Buffy and Angel DVDs, shoot me. (The vampire with a [literal] soul. uLOL!)


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