Morbid Marination

Dream Scene One

Steffi browses through several Friendster groups in an attempt to find anything remotely fascinating. She sees a Friendster group entitled “Human Interest” with only five members. She instantly clicks and joins, thinking that she has joined a cross of something lifestyle-ish and charitable.

The next day, she is contacted by the group owner who refuses to reveal her true name. Message: Meet me in the park at __AM tomorrow.

Dream Scene Two

The park is an enclosed green and leafy area constructed for people to hang around and chat. The tables and chairs are covered by white mushroom umbrellas and Steffi and the Anonymous Group Owner (AGO) are using the cornermost table. It is raining lightly.

Steffi: Er, do I have to donate something?
AGO: I need to explain the mission of our organization.
Steffi: o_o Mission?
AGO: We are a secret order masquerading as an innocent Friendster group, and our goal is to save the 500 humans gone missing and are most probably dead.
Steffi: I thought you just wanted money. (What the F#CK have I gotten myself into?!)
AGO: Here are the basics…

The AGO proceeds to outline the tragic history of the group’s background: 500 people, randomly picked from across the globe, have suddenly disappeared without notice. It has been a week since the incident.

Dream Scene Three

Steffi is somewhere in Zambia with another Human Interest group member whom we shall call Toto. They are inside a gigantic warehouse. Night has fallen outside.

The warehouse is crammed with metal piping of all sizes, and the low humming of unseen machinery could be heard. But the most eye-catching item in the room is the colossal glass tank. It is filled to the brim with some sort of bluish solution, and packed inside the fluid tank are approximately 500 corpses–their faces fixed in horrifying expressions of torture.

Toto: There’s something here. A document!
Steffi: What is it?
Toto: A schedule? Wait, it’s a-
Steffi: *reads aloud* “Friday, 14 November: Body #344. Cash on Delivery.” But what does it mean?
Toto: It’s a menu.
Steffi: They’re marinated. Pickled.

Dream Scene Four

In a resthouse in an undisclosed location, Steffi is found meeting with the rest of the Friendster group Human Interest members. One girl is sobbing copiously into a handkerchief while the others watch with pallid faces. Steffi lounges on the floor, ignoring the sofas.

AGO: We have to find out who’s behind this. *crushes wineglass*
Toto: Uh-huh. Who could possibly be providing human meat to rich, foreign cannibals?
AGO: That is our new mission. We must exercise caution so they won’t discover our hideouts.

[Mission Impossible theme plays]

Crying Girl: When will I see my sister again?
Steffi: Don’t kid yourself. Her cadaver was due for delivery this morning.
Crying Girl: *bawls*

Dream Scene Five

Steffi finishes an email message and types a number of adresses before clicking SEND with a satisfied smile. She now holds the position of HR manager of the HI Friendster group.

Message: Hi friends! Please join the group “Human Interest” in Friendster. There is no cost involved and commitment to activities is optional according to your mood. See you there!


Morals of the Dream (which she had two nights ago):

1. Friendster has an undercurrent of EVIL beneath the gray smiley logo.
2. Do not join groups without asking the owner about their Vision & Mission.
3. Cannibals are rich and foreign.
4. It always rains lightly during secret rendezvous.
5. Steffi should see a shrink.


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