I was so sleepy and exhausted from all the Pre-Christmas preparations and activities that after work, on 5:15pm of Christmas Day itself, I staggered into the apartment, crawled to my bed, and slept. I slept, slept, and just slept … all the way until 7am the next morning.

There went my holiday.

Anyway, HAPPY BOXING DAY everyone! And even if the day itself has passed, the holiday season won’t really be over until the New Year. So I’ll continue my faux-celebration until they stop the supply of chocolates and sweets in the office.

[By the time the season’s over, dieting will be a necessity, judging from the way I’ve been eating. This gives me good reason to finally take the Christmas tree off the treadmill and work out.]

Someone gave me flowers. I would love to say thanks because I really am grateful but I haven’t had the chance to see him in a week. I could send an SMS, but I will not because we’re not really friends and I like to keep my mobile number private. I figured an Internet SMS would be impolite, so I’m resigned to walking past his workplace everyday and I hope to see him soon so I can finally do the right thing and say “thank you”.

Oh, and before I end this post, let me just say that Hajj Eid Sale has started! It’s not just a sale, it’s The Sale. A girl could get a Zara dress for a song. I’m elated beyond words. I’m skipping my reading hours later to shop.

IMPORTANT: This would be a good time to send me cheques as Christmas gifts (if you haven’t given me anything yet). Hehe.


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