Before She Sleeps

I just got back from some serious shopping. I Zara, Mango, and Stradivarius. And Vincci, too. Isn’t shopping the best exercise? One moves constantly and burns off all this energy and enyoys doing it, too! This is just the first part; I’m hitting Kingdom next week to see what they have to offer. 🙂

I’m still a size six, but my holiday indulging will show if I don’t ease up. Today will be my last I-deserve-chocolate day then I’ll be taking my size-drop challenge seriously. (Mag-diet ka na! Work out na rin!)

I just realized that this has been the weirdest holiday season I’ve experienced. The others were pretty simple: sad, happy, or boring. This year, I’ve felt all that and much more: confused, angry, pissed, reckless … I could say more but I won’t. The whole story is too long, convoluted, and might cause me to enter Sta. Clara and count offered eggs every week. Is this a good sign? Probably not.

I just feel like lately I’ve been turning into someone I’m not and I’m having anxiety attacks. Yes, Mr. Hyde, please pass the potion.


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