Early (Subzero) Christmas Picnic

For the first time in history, all of us were able to spend time together and “bond”. It took a few bloody weeks of planning and schedule-adjusting here and there before we finally decided on a date and time. I had to decline another dinner date with my co-workers in Quattro (*wah* Italian food). But I’m glad I chose my friends’ company. The result was f.u.n.!

We brought food and stuffed ourselves in the deserted park. It was way below freezing, and I managed to get the doubtful honor of having the coldest hands. Philip suggested using my fingers as ice for the soda and even Janis wouldn’t touch them, hehe.

Before we had to cut body parts off from frostbite, we decided to move indoors and play pool–at least Jan & JC did. Inski, Jet, and I watched a video of Russell Peters (the only racist Indian alive). I nearly spewed coffee on the laptop(!Bile). Ryan-muchacho kept himself amused by watching me because I laughed funny. =P

Then just before Jan and I had to go, we exchanged Christmas gifts. I got a nice, sossy Milano wallet from Ry. We were all pleased with our gifts, but Philip’s surprise for Janis beat everything: a sexy sheer lingerie set from LaSenza. Hahaha! (We’re still waiting for her to post a pic on Friendster.)


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