Commitment has an Expiration Date

I don’t usually read gossip sites or articles, except for that Perez Hilton (he’s funny sometimes). But reading about Angelina Jolie saying that she “didn’t intend to steal Brad because it was clear that he was married to his best friend (Jen), someone he loves and respects” was a bit disheartening. I have nothing against the famous couple; whatever makes them happy is fine.

It’s just that commitment becomes harder to find these days. People promise to love each other forever, and then suddenly change their minds a few years (or weeks or months) later. Last year, I didn’t know that commitment had expiration dates. Loyalty and the simple principle of “sticking with it no matter what” has become a myth, if it ever was real.

I have lost faith in relationships. Yes, everything may seem good now, but will things still be this good next month, or nine months later? Reality proved that everything could come crashing down when you least expect it. And even the combination of friendship and love could do nothing faced with change. It doesn’t have to be another person… the third factor that completes the triangle and finally splits a partnership could be anything, ranging from personal issues to communication problems.

Someone, who claims to be perfectly happy in his marriage, told me that it’s silly to make up one’s mind and form a decisive opinion based on a single experience. I told him that I didn’t need to fail 10 times to learn. One major personal mistake and a hundred observations and minor brush-ups are enough to tell me that there’s something truly wrong with the system.

There’s just no sense in living for the present when it quickly becomes history, and one is forced to “forget” that period to move on. I don’t work or live for experience, or just jump into things for the heck of it. (Even my impulsiveness has hope.) After all, what’s the point!? The worst feeling is to realize that you’ve given someone the privilege to be a part of your future, when that same person merely intended you to be an experience–part of a collection he can look back on–making past promises null and void. Virtual lies, really.

I know, it sucks. But that’s life, Steff. Deal with it. 🙂

I don’t like this post. It’s too personal.


5 thoughts on “Commitment has an Expiration Date

  1. Thanks guys. This is probably me channeling my anger — a very late reaction. I was too wrapped up in becoming “the perfect ex” by being so damned diplomatic that I didn’t realize how ridiculous it was.

    I had to do a lot of crazy stuff for a few months before I finally calmed down and gave myself some time to think.

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