This is how I feel right now.

Have you ever experienced having a moment of sudden clarity when you realize that you’ve been trying so hard to achieve something you just cannot? That everything you’ve done has been useless? And what really kills you is that you’ve known it from the start but you’ve just been stupidly stubborn all this time.

It’s like falling in a vat of ice cubes. Only worse. This is the beginning of a new era. (lol)

= =

Pointless Work Rantage: My pending has reached new heights! Literally. I bet even Jeremy doesn’t have a filing pile this high, and I’ve been forgetting things too often this week — a sign that I haven’t been drinking enough coffee. Sadly, caffeine-overdosing also gives me the shakes, but that’s a small sacrifice for having robotic memory.

Just yesterday, I was steaming about a clearance that was taking too long to arrive. I asked Abdulrazzaq where it was… and guess what? It’s been sitting in my Inbox tray for a week. A week! Damn.

Whoever looks at Inbox trays anyway!? It was invented as an office accessory to make people appear busy and was not made to actually function for work. There are things in my Inbox tray that are probably breeding right now. =P


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