Blackmail Fodder

I was t00bing around Stalkerdom last night and guess what I found? Arlene, one of my close friends during my Ednas HS days, has this in her photo album:

[This was me @ 15]

Clearly, I was the 5th teenage mutant ninja turtle: I carried the roof of my house with me everywhere.

Now, my hair is five times longer. Imagine how big the “roof” would have been without rebonding technology! This is me, eight years later:

[Taken just a few weeks ago]

I suddenly miss being a kid.


4 thoughts on “Blackmail Fodder

  1. Haha! But I wasn’t in grade school here. I was a 4th yr HS student. I was 15! *lol*

    I only started to look better after the age of 20, and that was a year after I graduated from university. *facepalms* Talk about being a late bloomer.

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