I don’t know how some people can stand it, but using netspeak in blogs just irritate me! Tag-lish is fine (after all, it’s Pinoy slang) but when I see English or Tagalog shortcuts (i.e. u, ur, q, aq, kc, plz, eniweiz, etc.), I start to itch. And when they’re combined with incredibly bad grammar and spelling, it gets even worse. Lower-case is okay if you feel like e.e. cummings reincarnated, but please… Be consistent with your capitalization!

Text shortcuts are okay because each character is paid for. But cr@p!!! Is it that hard to type a few letters correctly?

I’m ranting like a madwoman because I’ve just read a very spiteful post by an unbelievably insecure person. Her public attack was uncalled for and the bad spelling and grammar just added to the overall hideousness of her post. Nag-Tagalog ka na lang sana, dear.

I’ll be surprised if she acts shocked and displeased by any negative comments. Nothing is secret on the net. And if you make it a habit to hang your dirty linen out in public, then violent reactions should be expected. Hindi mo naman tinago yan sa safety deposit box para magalit ka kapag pinag-usapan ang sinabi mo. Niladlad mo sa madla. Hindi iisang tao lang ang makakakita niyan. If you don’t want unfavorable comments, then be vague.

= =

I can use Blogger Beta again at work. I’m pleased, very pleased.


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