Someone just told me that I’m really good at hiding what I think. That even after weeks, they couldn’t tell whether I was serious about something or not because I was so casual all the time!

(Newsflash: She’s not as easygoing as she seems. Oh, she also answers direct questions truthfully. Surprise, surprise.)

Hehe. Maybe I could become a good liar. Too bad I don’t like lying. I like “fending off” or “avoiding”, but those are very different things.

The truth is, I keep up the poker face not because I try to hide my thoughts, but because Dad told me I’d develop wrinkles early if I’m too facially expressive. (Banidosa daw ba?) I’m also naturally cheerful and nice, as opposed to some “first impressions”. And I’m not suplada, I’m just shy sometimes. (Tama na at baka kumidlat, haha!)

= =

I am happy happy happy tonight! For no particular reason. And I just can’t sleep right now. This is the weirdest insomnia episode I’ve had in months. I just hope the regular nightmares won’t start again… they’ve been gone for more than a week.


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