Bitching about Paulo

Janis and I were both so busy the past week that we didn’t really have time to catch up and analyze each other’s lives in the proper manner. It was a good thing that she decided to call me just after I took a shower, and there went our evening. Every half-hour or so Jan would exclaim “Wait! Wait! Numb ear!” and switch. 😀

I was so exhausted from shopping the whole afternoon that I justified over-indulging on my mom’s cooking due to (alleged) strenous exercise. Nothing could be as enjoyable and tiring as six hours of shopping. And babysitting a hyperactive Sofia at the same time is no mean feat.

Anyway, so what was I supposed to write? Oh yes… I almost forgot: The Narcissism of Paulo Coelho. Vinz practically ordered me to blog this, but I’m doing so because I’m tres bored tonight and not because I am Vinzi’s serf.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read a few books of his and I particularly love The Alchemist and Veronika Decides to Die. It’s just that he likes to insert himself in his stories so much that I wonder whether he has a secret desire to be a fictional character and disappear within the pages. (I strongly advise against that, Paulo. Being fictional and famous would result in people writing sordid fanfiction about you, hahaha!)

And, aside from the I-am-so-wise-so-you-better-believe-me-you-less-enlightened-morons essence that most of his books have, I honestly thought that Mr. Coelho was gay before Wiki revealed that he had a real red-blooded wife. No offense meant to homosexuals everywhere. I guess it was just the photograph on the book jackets.


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