Yesterday was fun but tiring. I asked a friend to wake me up at 7am, and he did (while laughing at my expense because I sounded like a kid *lol*). Typically, I fell asleep after I hung up, haha. But I woke up at 9am and rushed to Elite just in time to catch the start of Cameraderie’s portraiture class. Thank God for Filipino time allowances. 😀

We spent the afternoon shooting several models. Just for kicks, they made me pose for full-body shots later. I was not prepared, and I’m not the type of person who’s used to being photographed by more than a dozen people I’m not close to, and I probably looked funny doing all the poses they asked me to do. Kuya Ferdie would have to work on me a little before I become comfortable with this kind of thing. 🙂

I was able to watch the 1st half of Jet and Ryan’s basketball game during lunch hour. I alternately cheered for both teams but I leaned more towards Blue (Ry’s team) because they’re better (balimbing!). They won. 🙂

And then… my favorite part: early Xmas shopping with my family! There’s a big sale at City Plaza and everyone was packed in there. GHAAD. It was reminiscent of the SM sales back in Pinas–you couldn’t pass through the crowd without swinging a battleaxe. While I was in line for the cashier, some local ladies started touching my long hair and discussed it amongst themselves. I was amused so I didn’t mind.

By the time we arrived home, I was ready to drop and snore on top of the covers. I even did something I’ve never done before: sleep while talking to someone over the cellphone. After an incalculable amount of time, I woke up to someone saying “Steffi? Steeeff… I’m awake now.” I apologized and laughed because we both fell asleep. We literally talked each other to unconsciousness, hahaha…

Today is… *sigh* It’s going to be busy. 😦 After my constant petiks last week, I have to pay for it with uber-pending. It’s not going to be pretty. Even Dr. Tariq looked so miserable this morning. Ah, Saturdays.

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