Anecdote # 3

Boy: I have something important to ask you.
Girl: What?
Boy: It’s been puzzling me ever since I moved here but I was too embarrassed to ask anyone else. So I figured I could ask you.
Girl: Sure! After all, we’ve known each other for 3 days already. 😀
Boy: Seriously… In the bathroom, there’s this thing beside the toilet bowl. It’s like a mini-bowl, only weirder.
Girl: It’s a bidet. 😛
Boy: A what!?
Girl: A bidet. It’s for, er, washing your behind after you do your business.
Boy: Hahaha! It doesn’t look practical for that purpose! The way it’s designed, stuff wouldn’t go down properly in the drain.
Girl: *eew* I suppose so. Maybe we should tell the swanky hotels to change their bathrooms. Did you really not know what it was?
Boy: NO! *lol* I gave up trying to figure out how it was used. I tried turning the knobs but there were just faint spurts of water. So I put my paperwork there. 🙂
Girl: You put your work stuff in the bidet?!
Boy: Hahaha!
Girl: (I am *so* going to blog this.)

Is a bidet proof that women have more culture than men?


5 thoughts on “Anecdote # 3

  1. i was four when i turned that knob to max and it hit me in the face…

    staring at the shower thingie and turning the knob max real fast was hypnotic.. hehehe

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