Wala ba niyan sa bundok niyo?

Just when I thought that every atom knew how to use Nero, this happens:

Me: Don’t you know how to burn disks?
Bado: I tried copying and pasting.
Me: Huh? Er, for CDs and DVDs, you have to burn them.
Bado: In my home, I just copy and paste.
Me: CDs???
Bado: Yes. *nods*

I want to know where you live, sister.


4 thoughts on “Wala ba niyan sa bundok niyo?

  1. You can! You can! hehe

    Windows XP has a feature that enables you to copy or paste data into discs. There’s a software eh but I forgot the name.:) Syempre when you want to make an audio cd, you have to burn it na. But if it’s just data, you can actually just copy and paste it from the pc to the cd. 🙂

  2. yah, i do that too with xp. but when the person mentioned copy-paste, we were trying to burn dvds. haaay… and we don’t have xp in the office. hahaha…

  3. no. =P worse, we have windows 2000. i could have xp. but i’m so tinatamad to install. i have too much stuff to back-up. kainez.

    i could also ask ITA to do it for me, but, hahaha… that will take 10 years (hope they’re not reading this).

    anyway, our new computers will arrive soon because this is a year and a half old and is therefore outdated. =P then i’ll have xp. =)

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