Slashy lurve

What is up with all the Jason Preston love/hate/whatever?

Suddenly, this guy is all over the blogs! For some reason, Marc Jacobs’ new boyfriend has become controversial. I’m honestly curious enough to click all the links, scan the posts/articles, and check out the pics. Personally, this guy seems ordinary enough, and I just can’t see what’s so special about the whole thing except for the fact that uber-designer Marc and J. Preston are incredibly in loooove. *insert theme song here* Hehe.

Oh, and this pic isn’t that boring either, if you know what I mean. 😀 (photo from chuvaness)

But since I’m in the mood for pointless kibitzing and common sheephood (trans: bored)… Click!:

+ Marc and Jason
+ Les Tattoo
+ Jason’s Friendster
+ from A Socialite’s Life
+ Jossip


2 thoughts on “Slashy lurve

  1. Yessss. That’s what slash means:



    In fairness, pretty si Jason. They broke up daw last June but now they’re back together. Hehe.

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