Baby Sofia arrived with Mom last night. She immediately made her presence felt all over the place. She couldn’t stop talking, and touching and taking everything she could reach (Including my meds! Yikes!). She deliberately claimed ownership of my Mango handbags and heeled sandals and started parading around the house like a tiny socialite.

I’m almost scared of what she’ll do when she turns 16.

Someone tried to “make friends” with me through text this morning. I was mainly amused/annoyed as:

  1. I never make friends through SMS. Ang chaka.
  2. Whoever gave this guy my number is going to die. And it must be one of my friends as my mobile number is fairly new.
  3. Nagpapakahirap siyang mag-complicated English eh wrong grammar naman! And don’t give me that text-shortcut-excuse bullsh*t. Spelling shortcuts are different from jologs grammar. Nag-Tagalog ka na lang sana.

I’m not cruel or snooty, just practical. And I don’t need text-friends to spice up my social life. I’m busy enough as it is. And if you, Mr. John Doe texter, would ever end up reading this, you should have asked about me before even attempting to impress me with your grandiose lines. Nag-umpisa ba naman sa “Hi! Can I be a part as one of ur circle of friends?”. Bwiset.

Now, let’s go back to the main topic of this epic: ME. I’m feeling very narcissistic today because I need the self-love (plus a lot of courage pills). Today, I’ll have my BIG TALK with Mom about “stuff”. And yes, Jet, I’ll take your advice about telling-the-truth-and-admitting-that-even-I-could-make-a-phenomenally-staggering-mistake. Geez. Haha! Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Plateau

  1. i DID it!
    bwhahahaha… \m/

    i sent your number to that LOSER! bwahhaha thought i’d get some kicks out of it.

    p.s. i don’t know your new numbeR ROFL!!!

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