Turkish Delight

In The Chronicles of Narnia’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Edmund asked the White Witch for Turkish Delight and hot chocolate. When I first read this, I had no idea what Turkish Delight was so I assumed that it must have been a popular brand of sweets during C.S. Lewis’ time. I only found out lately (haha) that it was actually a type of dessert of several variants and that they are very very addictive.

I have just eaten the last piece from the box. Sorry, officemates, but I am pissed off today and I’m entitled to a few luxuries that I normally would not ask for… like monopolizing the candy box. Oh wait, I usually do that! Hehe. Sorry, anyway. I’ll bring something next time.

(I really should buy a box of this. Make that a dozen boxes — one of each flavor! :D)

I’m still in my “hermit” phase. I can only be reached by cellphone, email, and snail mail. Starting today, I’ll practice having long-distance relationships with all of my friends. Please do not invite me to events and parties, because that would only remind me that normal people have social lives and I do not. Don’t ask me where I’m going to be on Christmas because I don’t even know which continent I might be on, hahaha!

I can’t wait for payday. Seriously. Considering my present mood, money seems to be the only constant happy thing in this stupid world. So I can buy more Turkish Delight.


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