Physical ergonomics deals with the human body’s responses to physical and physiological loads. Relevant topics include manual materials handling, workstation layout, job demands, and risk factors such as repetition, vibration, force and awkward/static posture as they relate to musculoskeletal disorders. (from Wikipedia)

I came back from lunch yesterday to find a spanking new, lovely, and expensive Duorest ergonomic chair behind my desk.

My succeeding reactions? then then and finally .

The chair itself looks like E.T. rolled flat and forced into a certain shape. (And, no, I do not obsess over aliens.) They were bought to replace the one-year old and (supposedly) out-of-date padded chairs that the six of us in the neuro offices constantly complained about. Jeremy went into spasms of delight and Aui was relieved that she’d never have to suffer backache again.

I spent a few hours trying to adjust all the levers and wheels (basically beat it to submission) to conform to the shape of my back — but it was no use! As ergonomic as it claims to be, no chair could possibly be intelligent enough to predict the rapid evolution of my posture for a certain period of time.

Sitting here makes me feel like William Shatner on Star Trek. Hehe.

= =

Cognitive Ergonomics studies cognition in work settings, in order to optimize human well-being and system performance. (from Wikipedia)

If I was a business entity, then my life would be the work setting.

I don’t think I have reached optimal performance (far from it haha) but I’m trying to get there–a feat when one is a girl and lives in Riyadh, KSA where there are laws invented for the sole purpose of making one’s life miserable. Personally, I’m really happy with the way things are going: my friends are fantastic, my family’s great as usual, and I find enough satisfaction from my work at the moment. And if you don’t count the coffee overdose trying-to-emulate-Dilbert days, I think I’ve been treating myself quite well. Overall, things have been pretty exciting and busy.

I just need to read more and take on my reading list. I have to practice illustration more. And I just might give in to one friend’s encouragement and start working out more regularly (he didn’t say I needed it but when he said that it helps to keep one from aging I was almost convinced to end my bumming phase).

I was just complaining to Janis that it’s more difficult to tell people how happy you are than to show them that you feel like crap. For the latter, you just need to look stressed and shuffle around showing everyone how life’s treating you like shit. No words needed. But when you’re happy, it takes effort to maintain the “inner glow” especially when you’re in the middle of a stressful workweek. Saying “I’m happy” usually needs an attached explanation.

Can I just declare how ridiculously happy I am? Honestly. It may sound funny, but I am. 🙂


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