Amnesiac as usual

Yesterday, 29 October 2006, was this blog’s 1st birthday! (Happy birthday bloggy, happy birthday bloggy… etc.) I forgot to post anything because I could hardly breathe here at work. And I was so exhausted when I finally arrived home that the most I could do was brush my teeth, wash my face, and collapse on the bed. Sorry, my new pet fishies, I forgot to feed you guys again.

Currently, I am waiting for D to bring me my Starbucks white mocha. He promised to buy me coffee (and consequently all my colleagues as well) and said that they would be here by 9am. He’s already almost an hour late. D is not my underling, he’s actually one of my ex-bosses. But ticking him off is one of my newer hobbies and yesterday’s asaran session somehow led to him promising to buy me coffee, hahaha…

D: White mocha? Smart people always get lattes!
Me: I am a child.
D: I know. *smirk*

I was checking the list of attendees for the Brain Surgery conference in Dubai and I was amazed with some of the names of the delegates. I mean, where the hell do they get these names? I couldn’t even twist my tongue far enough to pronounce some of them. The Japanese doctor was particularly panicky.

Elle: And, Dr. Yukata, about your registration–
Y: *gasp* It’s Yutaka, not Yukata! That means “summer kimono”! I am not named “summer kimono”!
Me: *giggles*

= =

For the past week, Mom and Sofia have been calling me for one reason: my baby sister wants something, and she wants me to buy it. Note that Sofia is merely one and a half years old. She’s not even supposed to say things like these.

Mom: Tell ate to buy you-
Baby: Ate Honey, buy BAH!
Me: What?
Baby: Baby no BAH! Buy BAH!
Mom: *dies laughing* She wants you to buy her a bra. She says she has no bra.
Me: *scandalized* She’s 1! Where am I going look for a bra for a baby!?
Mom: That’s your problem.
Baby: *kisses the phone*

They’re getting older too quickly these days.


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