Politicians, are we?

I went to visit my old territory (KFHI to the uninitiated). As soon as I sat on one of Tita Lyd’s plush guest chairs, she instantly vented her frustration.

Lyd: I don’t like you! You are so unemotional!
Me: Huh?
Lyd: You’re supposed to be depressed!
Me: Hahaha! Whyyy?
Lyd: Wala ka bang sinasabi sa kanya? Hindi ka ba umiiyak?
Me: *dies laughing* Ganito lang kasi yan tita… Kung ayaw mo, eh di huwag. πŸ™‚
Lyd: So anong sistema niyo ngayon?
Me: We’re (good) friends.
Lyd: Ewan ko sa inyo. Hindi ko kayo maintindihan! Basta ayoko na sa kanya, nakakainis siya. *pouts*

The topic persistently haunted me until the next office. Before I even had the chance to say “Hi Tita Anna!”, she beat me to it.

Anna: Uy! Okay ka na ba?
Me: Ha? Saan? πŸ˜›
Anna: Sa… you know!
Me: Ahh… haha, oo naman.
Anna: Nakita siya ni Cesar nung GK. Sabi niya buti na lang daw break na kayo.
Me: Bakit naman? πŸ™‚
Anna: Kasi playboy daw siya!
Me: Hahaha! Di naman, tita. Loyal naman siya pag may girlfriend.
Anna: Hmph. Hindi nagkakamali si Cesar.
Me: πŸ˜€ Well, pareho naman kaming hindi loyal sa lahat when we’re technically single. So it’s okay.
Anna: *ismid*

Hahaha… Sorry, dear. I didn’t realize people we’re still (so) fascinated with my lovelife and my succeeding reactions to certain events. I seem to have disappointed them with my usual lack of drama. Maybe I should have posted my angst publicly, or told everyone just how pissed off and angry-at-the-world I was. It’s just that I was not.

I’m not totally apathetic, just optimistic. I feel everything, but react and come up with solutions that are quite different from the usual expectations. It’s just that no matter how outgoing and open I am, I’m still very reserved when it comes to my personal life. Especially when it involves certain problems and issues that people cannot help me with. I don’t even bother discussing them seriously except with one or two persons and only when I really need to. Otherwise… zip.

Maybe I’m half-Japanese. With the public/private face phenomenon. πŸ˜€ In Ethica Nicomachea, Aristotle did say that everything concerns politics, including one’s relationship with people.

I miss Father David and Philo 104. I even miss the monumental readings and oral exams at the Jesuit Residence. *sigh* What I would give to be 18 again.

(The almost-birthday girl is having age-anxiety attacks.)

Last night, Rachelle jokingly told me that I was very babaero, and that I flirt with men and women alike. It’s simple, I explained to Jan that there is simply a lack of attractive male intelligentsias in Riyadh. One gets more amusement from talking to fellow women.

Don’t even get me started on literatis.

2 thoughts on “Politicians, are we?

  1. you would prolly just satisfy everyone if you acted the victim and all that…hahaha…

    but it’s both nice and funny at the same time how friends will totally distort the truth to comfort you…i’m thankful for friends like them πŸ™‚

    oh you want readings? ok, fine, take mine, and projects too πŸ™‚

  2. i can’t! i have an anti-victim personality. i like being relaxed. and that’s true about friends. hehe. they always know the right things to say when you need it.

    hahaha… dia, you have no idea. i’ll do all your term papers, oral exams, and philosophy readings if i could just get my college freedom back again.

    hmm… *thinks* (this is dangerous activity for me, thinking :D)

    maybe i should move to dubai. then the two of us could move in together and work. you’ll be graduating soon, right? should we allow vlad to move in with us? hahaha!

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