Happy birthday Ina! Happy birthday Ina! Happy birthday, happy birthday… happy birthday Ina!!!

I watched two of Ina’s volleyball games in a row. The second was more fun. Omar, Maf, Ray and I spent it screaming “GO INA!” and cheering wildly everytime she made a save. The people around us were too quiet, so we figured that we may as well make enough noise for 50 people, hehe. At one point, I almost fell backward from the bleachers due to excessive excitement. Our cheering must have worked, they won. 🙂

I’m still a bit sick, and I still need more sleep. I haven’t been sleeping long enough, even during the weekends. I was trying to make up for lost time.

Someone mistook me for a fifteen-year old. He told me it was already too late, and shouldn’t I go home, watch Wiggles, drink milk, and go to bed? I told him I was turning twenty-three. But I didn’t have the courage to admit that I do watch childrens’ shows, drink milk, and normally go to bed early. Hahaha…

= =

When I first moved in to my new office, I was delighted to find an electric stapler. No more standing and banging my fist down on stubborn thick documents. Or so I thought. I didn’t realize that the electric ones are more temperemental than their manual counterparts.

Now I completely wrecked my nice, expensive stapler. And repetitive smashing on the desk wouldn’t make it work. Oh well. I can always borrow Jeremy’s manual.


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