Promises… Promises…

Forgive me, blog, for I have been delinquent.

I haven’t had time to sit and do stuff. I haven’t found the time to clean or do my laundry. I have a list of people whom I should call soon because I promised to do so. I have a number of unanswered emails on my Inbox, which are highly irregular since I’m usually known as an epic emailer and faithful long-distance communicator. I haven’t updated my CV yet even though I promised to submit it around two days ago. I haven’t done a lot of things…

because I’m sick.

Yes, these flu symptoms have been going on and off for the past week and a half and sometimes it gets so bad that I have to stop working and go home. Not that I’m doing undertime as I always stay later than I’m supposed to. My new hobby is working over-tawad. So, instead of doing other stuff at home, I just lay down and sleep. Wow, how exciting.

Anyway, last weekend I went to an Octoberfest party with Rachelle, Dad, and my new friends. It was fun. I discovered several drinks that I instantly liked. And that I like English beer more than their German counterparts. I’ve also developed a liking for German food; the pork sausages were particularly tasty (yum!). I’m the kind of girl who enters a roomful of people and goes straight to the buffet (to hell with porma), then I’ll start socializing when I’m no longer hungry. By past midnight, we were all either drunk or close to it but there was still an after-party so we pretended to be sober and went ahead.

It was torture having to wake up early but there was Mass at 8am and I wouldn’t want to miss that… I just had to sneeze my way through it.

And just when I thought I drank enough alcohol to last me a month, McLean served us really strong white wine in his villa. I think that was what got me… or was it the spiked OJ?

I’m still concentrating on not getting too sick to work. Now please excuse me, I need to take another Flutab.

(I have a good relationship with Flutab. It knocks me out instantly and I get 6 straight hours of dreamless sleep. Then I wake up to the minute feeling a lot better.)

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