It happened again. Only this time, it was much worse.

A few months ago, someone changed the contents of my Friendster profile and made it look as if I were some cheap chick looking for a good time. This time, it wasn’t that simple. Another person changed all the contents. He/she apparently had a lot of time in his/her hands because that person took all the effort of writing a long graphic triple-X description.

As if that wasn’t enough, he/she sent several lewd messages and proposals to certain guys on my friends list. I saw a couple of those emails… I was beyond amazed, I couldn’t even understand half of the words. And they were quite long. One of the recipients even emailed me back: “Is this true?” I wanted to slap him for even considering that I wrote it, as if he didn’t know me well enough.

One thing’s clear though: this is someone I know. Or at least someone who knows who I am.

Faisal’s network is obviously screwed up when it comes to Friendster, considering I only logged in once in two months. It’s not that I take Friendster seriously. I don’t, it’s just one of those fun, mababaw things that people do. But knowing that there’s a pathetic individual out there who just insulted me in a bad way (and got away with it) really pisses me off.

Flaying and quartering would be too merciful. Perhaps I should take Tricia’s suggestion and have the lowlife gang-raped by a bunch of obese people. (Not that we have anything against obese people, hehe.)

So, I just want to repeat what I said:

For anyone who received a Friendster message that’s allegedly from me containing a bunch of dirty nonsense, please ignore that message. It was not from me. I’m not interested in those kind of propositions and someone has tried to mislead you.

Yes, Ateneo lost Game 3 of the Finals. Daggummit.


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