Yesterday, T sat beside me while planning next month’s on-call. Odd, I thought. He usually does it with Tita Vil as I really don’t have anything to do with the on-call. But, considering the row they had the other day, he was probably too shy to stay near her, haha… I have to tell him to apologize.

In spite of the work, I spent the morning with a big grin on my face — the aftereffects of having TK smile and say hello. (Hay, Steffi, ang high school mo!)

What else? Hmm… I got Doc Joie a gift during lunch. The displayed Russian dolls were really interesting and the woman in the booth was probably relieved that I did buy one after playing with several. I bought Ina a pair of enamel earrings, too, and she gave me a couple of bracelets later. Girls do love to exchange stuff.

Ina went crazy over the Russian doll when I showed it to her. She couldn’t believe there were ten dolls inside (“Hindi nga! Hindi ako naniniwala!”) and she insisted on finding out herself. Dad had the same reaction. Hehe. I hope Doc Joie will like this as much as they did.

Before I slept, I updated my Friendster pics. I haven’t logged in the site in ages. I added 10 photos… I kind of like my latest additions. Funny.

Just a few minutes ago, I called Mom to say hello and I could hardly hear what she was saying because of Sofia. My smart baby sister said a lot of amusing things and I ended up missing her all over again. I get very attached to my siblings, which is why I tend to baby Jiko even if he’s waaaay taller than me now at 16.

I have a party to go to tonight and I’m quite excited about it. Doc Jo ordered me to wear something fab. I just woke up an hour ago and I haven’t even taken a shower. Yay! Go me! Haha..


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