Killer Instinct

I first saw KI during one of the UAAP Men’s Basketball Games five years ago. He looked like a typical middle-aged Ateneo alumnus with iron-gray hair who loyally watches the games every season. My friends and I sat next to him in the Loyola Gym and listened while he greeted an acquaintance (named Bernard) who sat behind us. Bernard admitted that he skipped work just for the game. I had to smile when I heard that.

Well into the game, the seemingly formal and businesslike KI went crazy and started screaming things like “ATENEOOO!!! KILLER INSTINCT!!!” and “ATENEO DO NOT BE LAX!!!” again and again while cheering madly until I had to keep myself from collapsing with laughter. Talk about school spirit.

So that’s how he earned the nickname Killer Instinct.

We saw him often in almost every game after that, and definitely in every single important Ateneo-LaSalle game no matter how rare the tickets are at times. He was always very visible in his brightly colored shirts.

Just yesterday, September 25, Tricia told me how the Blue Eagles won a fantastic game against UST during Game 1 of the finals. I couldn’t resist asking her if she saw KI. Guess what? Yep, he was there. Cheering and dancing with everyone else after the win.

I can’t wait ’til I get to watch a game again. I miss it. It reminds me so much of my crrrazzy college days. Hopefully, KI will be there, too. Just for the fun.

= =

It’s been hell at work today. Actually, it’s been crazy the past few days. After spending last week walking around like a zombie, I had to make up for everything this week and catch up with all the deadlines.

T lost his temper earlier because I was on lunch. As if I didn’t have a right to eat. A lot of things happened which led to some knotty conflicts and outbursts that D just passed by and stared–he couldn’t believe that there was trouble brewing and he wasn’t in the middle of it for once. D couldn’t resist getting involved though (word by word):

D: You! You should be blamed for all this.

Me: Why? I am an effective office decoration.

D: We have to blame someone. And you’re new.

Me: You can no longer talk to me. You’re not my boss anymore.

D: Of course not! But I still work here.

Me: From now on we shall only speak from a distance.

He gave up and threw the stuffed camel at me.


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