Because crystal balls are *so* last season

There are times when you just go bonkers over something… when you wish with all your heart to know the answer to a question or a choice that’s been driving you mad forever…

So, who’re you gonna call?

No, not Ghostbusters. I’m pertaining to something quite wiser:

*drumroll* … MAGIC 8 BALL!

Yes, the traditional children’s toy is haunting me like crazy. When you’re in between paperwork and something’s niggling at the back of your mind, 8-ball will faithfully answer any question. Nyahaha!

Choose your poison:

1. the somewhat intelligent magic 8 ball
2. the so-so 8-ball
3. the silly 8-ball
4. the 8-ball that shakes
5. the one-of-a-kind radio 8 ball (answers you with lyrics of its songs)


One thought on “Because crystal balls are *so* last season

  1. ok, i don’t like you now… 🙂

    i asked the ball if i was gonna have a great year ahed…

    “it’s possible” daw…
    shet….slavedrive myself extraharder why don’t i….

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