Tall, morena, and never mind

PETIKS. noun. (PEH-teeks).

Definition: [a] Doing nothing or resting when one is supposed to be busy working. [b] Surfing the internet, emailing friends, chatting, updating a blog, or playing computer games during paid work hours–and successfully managing to look busy. [c] Being non-productive to the institution.

Etymology: From the Filipino term “pipitik-pitik”; used when one merely flicks his fingers and wastes time. Through time, the words were eventually picked-up by yuppie coños until it evolved into the more stylish “petiks”, which is most commonly heard in sossy call centers where fake accents are rampant.

Don’t be fooled. I am a busy person. And I do my work well.

I’m just really adept at doing other things in between, too.

= =

I just discovered that some long-term medications could possibly cause cirrhosis (liver damage or scarring). So… I might or might not get that, or if I’m paranoid about things I could choose to stop and start flopping around like a fish out of the water tomorrow. No thanks. *pops pill* Anyway, I’ll only have to do this for another year and a half or so.

I thought about this after reading Dia’s post about taking too much painkillers. But, really, when one is as accident-prone as I am, you won’t even mind being a “druggie”.

Speaking of Dia, I just love that nickname. D-I-A. For me, it’s like the female version of Deo, which means God in Latin. So does this mean that Dia means “goddess”? Hehe… Dia’ll be amused to hear this, as she has always lamented the fact that Claudius means “lame king” or something like that (her real name is Claudia).

I got really confused this morning as the topic of my volunteer assignment came up. For the Gawad Kalinga launch on the 14th, I was supposed to man the Cameraderie booth. I even had to pull in Ryan and Jet to help me since two more persons were needed. Suddenly, Tita Vil informed me that other leaders were insisting that I had to be one of the usherettes which is weird since they only need 8 girls and they had dozens to choose from. Why me when I already had an assignment? And then I figured that if I wear heels, I’m probably one of the people who’ll be easier to find (tall, morena, and never mind). Eventually, the usherette-people won and I’m currently in the process of convincing Janis to replace me in the booth.


2 thoughts on “Tall, morena, and never mind

  1. trivia: tita dinah once proposed to nickname me “dial”

    thank god somebody stopped her.

    still can’t forget vlad’s face when you told him you’ve always thought his full name was emerald 🙂

    GK…yeah, prolly the only cfc thing am into these days 🙂

  2. dial! =O hahaha… oo nga. =D

    i seriously wasn’t kidding. =D what’s wrong with emerald? if he was named emerald his classmates would never forget him. i mean, that was a bit logical, right? emir… emerald… it easily comes to mind. =D no wonder he changed his nick to vlad. hehe.

    i knew about gk for years but it was just recently that i wanted to really get involved. =) you can’t call me an active sfc member since the only thing i’m faithful to is attending the household (i never show up at talks or SWRs). but gk… i love gk. =)

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