Right now, I’m unobstrusively trying to demolish Tita Vil’s stash of Hershey’s kisses. I always say that I’m on a diet, but when it comes to food, I can be the world’s biggest liar.

Last night was fun. I asked Ryan for a favor, so he fetched me from work and we went to McLean’s villa to pick up the desk I bought from him. I didn’t want McLean to throw his back and I’m not exactly the best person to have around when it comes to lifting things (Reshaid once complained about my tiny muscles). The desk was bigger than I expected, so instead of putting it in Ryan’s Honda, they loaded it in McLean’s 4×4 and he followed us to my house. After McLean left, Ry insisted that he could carry the desk all the way to our apartment by himself and refused all my offers to help. So I grinned, agreed, and went ahead to unlock the door. I could hear him banging on the way up. Poor Ry, he looked so tired by the time he reached the third floor that I genuinely felt sorry for him. But he laughed it off anyway and said that I could always call if I needed anything. I’m really lucky to have friends who’re so nice and accommodating.

I had a ball rearranging the stuff and furniture in my room as I tried to make the desk fit in. My room’s pretty big, but it’s kind of full as it is. But, with Dad’s help, we somehow nudged stuff until everything looked nice and user-friendly. At least James has his own desk now, and I no longer have to carry my notebook to the center table each time I have to work on a long project.

It was late by the time I finished, and as I was determined to sleep before the clock strikes midnight, I turned in after I cleaned up. For some reason, I couldn’t sleep no matter how hard I tried. By 2am, I was hungry and annoyed, so I went to get something to eat while I worked on some of my photographs to prepare them for Friday’s exhibit. By the time I got tired of it, it was 4 am. It would take heavy machinery to drag me out of bed to get to work.

I didn’t really realize what date it was until a few hours ago. I was working on Reshaid’s deadline, muttering about consultants on vacation, when I checked my calendar and said “OMG, it’s the 6th!”. Haha… Happy ex-monthsary to us. Not that it’s something to celebrate anymore.

I’m waiting for my turkey sandwich so I could work through my lunch hour. I have so many deadlines and I could actually envision Dr. McFlurry (thanks for the nick idea Trish!) throwing a fit if I don’t get this done before the sun sets.



2 thoughts on “Cinderella

  1. yeah, kind of. we even greeted each other that night…it was a little funny because we both ended up laughing. =)

    hershey’s are always legal in any situation. =D

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