I call it Investment

I got to bond with Fiona last night while waiting for my ride as Dad seemed to think that 9pm meant coming one hour later. But it was fun, and more. I’ve known her for around two years but we haven’t really had the chance to sit and talk one on one. I never thought Fiona’d be a lot like Janis and me–girls who have the ability to talk and understand each other… at the same time.

In just one hour we managed to cover a lot of topics and we discovered that we really had a lot in common with regard to our attitudes, how we see boys (not men), our plans, how we know ourselves, friendships, family responsibilities, etc. Perhaps the one thing we don’t share is my love of clothes.

I don’t consider myself a true-blue fashionista as I’ve only really developed this liking during the past two years. But after years of trying to teach me, my Mom finally managed to convince me of the importance of having good quality clothes that would last years. The thing is, quality usually comes with a name and a price (scratch cheap imitations). Admittedly, I’ve also developed a weakness for really fantastic designs and you only have to say Mango or Zara to make me salivate.

But that doesn’t mean that I like spending loads of money on myself. I always work on a budget and I hate to overspend. I only shop a few times a year and I have less stuff than most people think as I only buy what I need, but I like and use everything I have. I also prefer going for bargains and super-sales; I’ve learned to know which brands have value for their money. For example, only buy Milano shoes when they have clearance sales (less 75%+), otherwise, paying more than 100SR on a pair of sandals that would fall apart with extreme use is just not worth it… on second thought, don’t buy Milano at all, try Vincci. I’m the perfect quality tester for shoes: I don’t use them, I abuse them.

As long as you don’t go overboard, good clothes could be considered investments and not luxury items. I’m currently wearing a pair of Promod slacks that I bought on sale five or six years ago and it still looks new. I used to be an impulse buyer (*pokes Tricia*) but I’ve learned to get over that some time ago.

I have more secrets that Becky Bloomwood (from Confessions of a Shopaholic) would die for but I won’t reveal them all here. You have to talk to me in person and swear not to tell.

= =

For everyone who lives in Riyadh:

Gawad Kalinga’s 1 MB

When: Thursday, 14 Sept 2006
Time: 3:30 – 10:00 pm
Where: Philippine Embassy, Riyadh

To quote Tito Jay Ebora, come and bring your friends, your neighbors, your housemates, and the whole community. It’s not everyday that we share our time for a worthy cause.

For more information on Gawad Kalinga, please check www.gawadkalinga.com.


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